Why work in Making Science?

2 March 2020
Why work in Making Science?
Motivation is an intangible variable and necessary to achieve personal fulfillment. In particular, work motivation, employee welfare and job performance constitute three basic factors for the proper functioning of any company, especially if it is in a context of continuous growth. From Making Science, an integrated marketing and technology consultant, we focus our efforts from the People & Culture department on attracting talent, respect and teamwork as a method to create a unique work environment. Our company, formed by more than 260 professionals, offers innovative solutions for the digital data driven business and develops products and services capable of creating synergies between technology and business. We are currently present in Spain, Portugal and France and Mexico, with offices in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Lisbon, Paris and Mexico, and with a view to continuing to expand in the coming years. In this framework of exponential growth, initiatives are needed that develop motivation among employees and increase their confidence in the company to achieve common goals. In addition to having an open space without hierarchies, Making Science has launched numerous actions that help strengthen the company’s commitment to its employees. These are some of the initiatives they have launched:

  • TGIF  (Thank God It’s Friday): Afterwork event on the last Friday of the month where the company makes cold drinks and music available to employees, usually on the rooftop terrace.
  • Off-site meeting:  As a team building tool, teams have a budget allocated to go to lunch together once a quarter and make an off-site team once a year.
  • “All hands” meeting: The management team comments on everything the company has achieved in the previous month and what is to come for next month in order to improve the feeling of belonging. This meeting is attended by all employees of the company, connecting by videoconference those who telework.
  • 5V Events: These events take place during the five-week months to strengthen ties between the teams. Activities include bowling, go-karts and the celebration of festivities such as Halloween.
  • Buddy system: As a central part of the on boarding process, each new employee is assigned a “buddy”, that is, an employee of the same or another team that will guide him during his first month in the company for his initial questions.
  • Tele-work: In order to improve the work-life balance, employees have the option to telecommute once a week.
  • Flexibility of schedules: Making Science offers employees flexibility of entry and exit of one hour. On Fridays and on the eve of the holidays they have an intensive day.

  Also, from Making Science we offer free training to employees and, in turn, invites them to be part of the process as trainers:

  • Training pills: From Monday to Thursday, counting as hours of work, the employees themselves share technical innovations and soft skills for 30 minutes in order to learn from each other.
  • Academies: After working hours, more specialized employees voluntarily offer classes on topics that require different sessions such as Excel, SDL, etc.
  • English classes: Making Science offers free English classes for all employees in their offices.

  In the words of José Antonio Martínez, CEO of Making Science, “an optimal working environment is essential for the proper functioning of a company. There are three factors that directly affect our well-being: the feeling of belonging, social connections and a common purpose. In Making Science we have all three. ”