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How companies are increasingly betting on positioning in Google

16 September 2020
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How companies are increasingly betting on positioning in Google
Many companies in 2020 in Spain had already started to work on their positioning in Google. They knew the importance of working on SEO to achieve top positions in internet search results in order to face their competition. But there were still companies, especially SMEs, that had not left the offline world. Last March 2020, a strong crisis began in Spain due to COVID-19, which dragged multiple sectors with it. A global crisis that also affected exports and imports, and with all this, has brought a fairly strong economic and social crisis. In this situation, people remained in confinement in their homes, so that the behavior of consumers and, therefore, users, had a strong change. The trends changed, the user had to satisfy all their needs and new concerns, placing orders online with home delivery. Who was the first to benefit from this? Of course, the giant, Amazon. However, at this point, companies were quick, initiating a new strategy to take advantage of new user trends to their benefit and what e-commerce should have advanced in 10 years, it advanced in just two months. Clearly, as in all crises, there are some sectors more affected than others, but many of the SMEs that only had an offline presence could have stopped their decline earlier if they had already been present online. This is where the interest of companies towards organic positioning began, towards being visible on Google.  

Investment towards SEO for online positioning after the crisis

During the crisis, one of the benefits of organic positioning is that you can see the trends of users on the internet, Google searches, what are they looking for? what do you need? what do they want? and above all, HOW DO THEY SEARCH? Thanks to this, a company that has good SEO consultants can turn a crisis into an opportunity and redirect the steps of its strategy. According to Nielsen, 6 stages in consumer behavior have been identified during the Coronavirus:

  • Proactive purchasing (food and health oriented)
  • Reactive health management (protection with masks and hygiene products)
  • Preparation of the pantry (large food purchases)
  • Preparation for life in quarantine (increased consumption and online purchases)
  • Restricted life (stock limits and search for alternatives)
  • Living ‘normal’ (back to normal, but with more hygiene restrictions)

Due to search changes in users and traditional companies have been forced to find alternatives to face the crisisbusiness opportunities have multiplied, opening the door to Digital Marketing agencies. In this situation, many companies have used what they invested in offline to invest online. And, of course, you had to position yourself in Google, the search engine par excellence in Spain, in order to be present and cover all those searches of users on the internet. The advantage of positioning in Google at an organic level is that it allows you a longer-term and cheaper online presence than other Marketing strategies. A good positioning strategy in organic Google will allow you to be in the first positions so that when the user searches for certain terms, which must be studied and known, they will find us as a company through an attractive result and that, at first glance, responds to their concern and enter our website to satisfy your need. This will translate into user traffic to our website, which increases the possibility of sale.  

Importance of local positioning in Google

Another benefit of organic positioning in Google, SEO, is local positioning. Users, before leaving their homes, perform their search on Google to find what they want in their city or in their surroundings based on proximity, trust because the company has a website and contact information, has a good online presence, ratings, etc. The SEO Local allows you as a company to cover all such information that the user wants to find, to give you that confidence and achieve your search terms by a previous study of local keywords. With the COVID-19 crisis there has been a strong trend in consumers towards saving and supporting small local businesses. But, if as a company, you are not present locally on Google, you cannot easily reach those searches so that users find you and go to you. Even more so with de-escalation, where the user yearns to go out and consume outside the home after having been confined for so long.  

Changes in Google towards organic positioning

Such is the importance of local positioning in Google at an organic level that the search engine itself has been introducing in a short time many changes in its search results. A change aimed at providing users with news and results of local interest in a more prominent way, that is, due to their location. In addition, Google has improved even more search results, providing rich content and providing value to the speed interlacing of a site by means of interest to users, and thus avoid news fake and being more accurate results showing. On the other hand, Google, seeing how well positioned Amazon is due to its strong online visibility, realized the importance of organic positioning itself, so it has begun to introduce organic results in Google Shopping to address the giant in this crisis. From all this we draw a fairly clear conclusion , and that is that in times of crisis we must always reinvent ourselves and fight to get ahead always adapting , as a company, to our rescuers, users , our clients. Benefit from the internet, where users spend their days and always monitor and analyze trends to respond and be there first. The trend of buying online will be somewhat reduced when we return to normality, but this increase and progress has come to stay and with enough force.