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Marketing Automation: the “dance” of contacts that will lead your organization to success

27 April 2021
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Marketing Automation: the “dance” of contacts that will lead your organization to success

The digital world has opened up multiple horizons for us when it comes to being able to interact with our clients and contacts in general. The amount of touchpoints that we can collect is so enormous that many times we have to repeat the phrase “less is more” to ourselves. The problem is that many companies try to make very sophisticated journeys without even having a well-established marketing foundation.

What is Marketing Automation?

It is not a philosophical question, nor is it a cultural trend or preference. It is a strategy that requires a good dose of technology. The marketing automation strategy can be summed up very simply in a question: “How do I interact with my customers?” As we said at the beginning of this article, we have hundreds of touchpoints with the client and the good news is that not everyone goes through sending a newsletter to them. If we specify a little more, we can say that it is the relationship I have with my clients / contacts based on the actions they perform both online and offline (as long as we are able to trace it). How does this start to smell like customization?

Phases of the Marketing Automation strategy

On the one hand there is the communications, on the other hand there is the data, and on the other hand there is the activation of the same. We put all this together in the same shaker and results in that which allows us to carry out our marketing automation strategy. In roman paladino: collect data, analyze it and communicate with the client based on the information collected. Still not well understood? Let’s double click. A customer visits our website and fills in a subscription form. Bingo! We have collected information. It depends on the information collected, we must launch our process – of course, fully automatic – in order to understand what the customer wants. Olé, we have already analyzed the information! The activation of this information will be the sending (again in an automated way) of information by us. And then? Then we will continue to collect information – or the absence of it – and we will act accordingly. Do you know what is it? A journey! And a journey, or customer journey, is the means for our Marketing Automation strategy to be successful.

Journeys are not a goal in themselves

And why do we get involved so much? If in the end, what we always want (ok, almost always) is to sell more. Well, because this “misnamed mess” allows us to improve our customer relationship metrics, the much-loved engagement . In the field of e-mail marketing we will find that the open rate improves , the CTR, the bounce rate and the unsubscriptions decrease . Why? Because we are dancing, because we go along with our contact, because we are being relevant to him. And this ultimately means bringing better web traffic (and more) to our website. And this necessarily turns into more sales. Who does not want to sell more?

So what journeys do I need in my business?

To keep it simple, we will talk about three types of journeys:

  • Capture and nurturing
  • Sale
  • Service

Each of these three types of journeys has its peculiarities and specifications. A different kind of approach. A different information. Returning to the question, you need all three types of journeys … and don’t worry, the good news is that in all of them you can (and should) try to “hook” the customer to sell more. If you want to know more about this topic, want to delve more into the world of marketing automation or would like us to help you develop your strategy, write to us at info@makingscience.com. We will be delighted to help you!