Making Science dazzles at its premiere at MAB jumping 56%

25 February 2020
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Making Science dazzles at its premiere at MAB jumping 56%
  • Making Science closed its first day of trading on the Mercado Alternativo Bursátil (MAB) (Alternative Equity Market) at 5 Euros per share, compared to a launch price of 3.2.
  • During the launch, which constituted a share issue, the company received subscription orders for a total of 4.3 times the available shares.

Madrid, February 21, 2020. Making Science, the integrated marketing and technology consultancy, has successfully completed its launch process to the mercado Alternativo Bursatil (MAB) (Alternative Equity Market) and has closed its first trading day with a revaluation of their titles of 56,2%. The company started the session with a price of 3.20 euros and has closed with a last transaction at 5 euros. The Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO, José Antonio Martínez Aguilar, thanked in his speech, after the traditional bell ring, the confidence placed by the new shareholders and reiterated the company’s commitment to meeting the objectives set out in its Strategic Plan. In the process of its launch on the MAB, which constituted a share issue, Making Science received subscription orders for a total amount equivalent to 4.3 times the aforementioned subscription offer (total of 4,941,770.00 euros). As a result of the subscription orders received, the operation was subscribed by a total of 344 shareholders, for a total amount of 1,152,969.60 euros.  For Jose Antonio Martínez Aguilar, CEO of the company, “I feel very proud to be part of a project as exciting as Making Science. In just four years, we have become a benchmark for our activity in the Spanish market. We have been able to satisfy and deliver the demands and needs of our customers with innovative products and services and with the confidence that we will meet the commitments made. Now the objective is to consolidate our presence in the national market and take our brand and business to other countries with great development possibilities. I am convinced that with the excellent team that is part of this company, we will fulfill our plans. ” “I do not want to miss the opportunity I have today to welcome new shareholders, we will work to meet their expectations and with the objective that the market recognizes us and we can add value to this company. We are a solid firm that operates in a winning sector. We are part of a large project,”added José Antonio Martínez Aguilar.

Objectives with entry to MAB

With this operation to join the MAB, Making Science expects: 1) to increase its own funds to enhance the current national consolidation and international expansion; 2) enable a financing mechanism to capture resources that could finance future growth; 3) facilitate growth by acquiring other companies; 4) expand the shareholder base and provide an objective valuation mechanism; 5) Loyalty of staff and 6) Increase notoriety, brand image, transparency and solvency towards customers, suppliers, etc. All this will allow Making Science to achieve its goals of becoming a reference both nationally and internationally in digital marketing and data analytics in the coming years, expanding to Latin America and maintaining growth in Europe. Making Science plans to start its activity in Italy and Latin America in the coming months with the hiring of commercial directors and the opening of offices in each of the mentioned geographies. In addition, the company’s admission to the MAB will facilitate new financing mechanisms that will allow it to continue its technological investment and to explore new alliances with companies that complement its business lines, know-how or geographical presence.