GA4: A must for Measurement and Data Activation

29 November 2023
3 minutes

Many companies have yet to switch from Universal Analytics to GA4, despite the approaching deadline of June 30, 2024, for enterprise accounts to make this transition. However, for companies aiming to maintain accurate measurement while adhering to privacy regulations, prioritising the move to GA4 is crucial.

GA4 is designed to meet the evolving needs of businesses and users in the digital age. It offers a more flexible and future-proof solution than Universal Analytics.

Additionally, GA4 enhances the precision of tracking user behaviour across various devices and platforms. It also provides businesses with actionable insights through a range of features like predictive analytics, customer segmentation, and path analysis, all designed to transform data into practical strategies for businesses.

GA4 stands out as a superior option compared to Universal Analytics, offering greater power, flexibility, and a stronger focus on privacy. It’s the optimal choice for businesses committed to maintaining accurate measurements while complying with privacy regulations.

GA4 offers several features that assist businesses in adhering to privacy regulations, such as:

  1. Consent Mode: This feature enables businesses to gather insights from users who decline cookies, using modeled data to fill the gaps created by regulations and website blockers.
  2. Data Expiration: GA4 automatically sets an expiration for user data, which businesses can define. This is particularly useful for compliance with laws like the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), which mandates the deletion of user data upon request.
  3. IP Elimination: For EU users, GA4 discards IP addresses before logging data through EU domains and servers. It also allows businesses to turn off the collection of Google signals data and detailed location and device data on a regional basis.
  4. Data Deletion: GA4 provides the option for businesses to delete user data at any time, supporting compliance with regulations like the CCPA that require the deletion of user data upon request.

Here are some of the benefits of GA4:

  • Unified data model and event-based approach
    GA4 presents a unified data model that goes beyond traditional page view tracking and focuses on events. This unified data model eliminates the need for multiple tracking codes, simplifying implementation and enabling businesses to obtain information across different platforms seamlessly.
  • Enhanced analysis of the user journey
    Understanding user behaviour and their journey across multiple devices and platforms has become more complex in today’s interconnected world. GA4 tackles this challenge by offering improved multi-platform tracking capabilities. By unifying data from websites and apps, it enables businesses to track users as they move from one device to another, thus developing a complete understanding of the customer journey.
  • Machine Learning-based insights
    GA4 leverages the power of machine learning to provide valuable insights that go beyond basic metrics. GA4 enables businesses to discover hidden patterns, identify audience segments, and predict user behaviour by applying advanced analysis techniques, such as predictive modeling and clustering.
  • Simplified analysis and reporting
    GA4 simplifies data analysis and report creation thanks to an intuitive interface and user-friendly reporting tools. The platform offers predefined templates and customised reports allowing businesses to visualise data, monitor key indicators, and track performance. The advanced exploration feature allows for in-depth analysis, enabling businesses to discover the information they need quickly. Plus, GA4’s integration with Google BigQuery facilitates the export of raw data for deeper analysis, meeting the needs of data-savvy organisations.
  • Powerful audience segmentation
    GA4’s audiences offer more targeted segments for marketing campaigns. In the new version, GA4 allows you to create segments based on events and time. You can thus group your users based on interactions and the time elapsed between events rather than based on arbitrary device or platform categories. By focusing on these more powerful metrics, marketers can create precise audiences.

Adopting GA4 drives businesses towards data-driven success in an increasingly competitive digital landscape… Join the GA4 revolution with us today!

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