Embracing First-Party Data: The Key to Digital Marketing Success

9 July 2024
3 minutes

As we navigate through 2024, marketers face an increasingly complex challenge: effectively optimising first-party data (1PD) amidst the evolving landscape of third-party data (3PD). Once a cornerstone of digital marketing, 3PD is now undergoing a profound transformation. With tightening regulations, growing consumer demand for data privacy, and the deprecation of third-party cookies, the quality of external data is diminishing. This shift marks a critical turning point where 3PD is merely the icing on the cake, and 1PD becomes the essential base.

In this evolving landscape, brands must ask themselves how to secure a significant slice of the 1PD pie. Those who leverage innovative solutions to create more personalised, relevant experiences will drive higher returns on investment and gain a competitive edge.

The Rise of First-Party Data

Our expert report together with Performance Marketing World emphasises the importance of utilising artificial intelligence (AI), generative AI, and automated solutions to unlock the full potential of performance marketing campaigns. Alarmingly, many organisations currently adopt a passive 1PD strategy, opting to wait and see what others do. This approach, however, can be detrimental.

Rodney Perry, Head of Data & Analytics at Making Science UK, warns, “By doing nothing, brands’ marketing strategies are moving backwards, and the effectiveness of campaigns will decline. Embracing and understanding the impacts of 1PD early provides a competitive advantage.”

Implementing a Successful 1PD Strategy

A successful 1PD strategy hinges on implementing automated solutions that deliver personalised experiences to each user. In today’s economic climate, first-party data offers a massive opportunity for leading brands to solidify their market position and for challengers to gain market share. However, optimising and automating marketing campaigns using 1PD often requires expert support.

Partnering with an agency that combines marketing knowledge with innovative technology solutions is crucial. Advertising-first companies play a key role in building brand awareness, understanding customers, and adapting communication across channels. Their expertise in creating effective communication strategies, engaging content, and managing campaigns is invaluable.

The Power of Technology

Technology is the differentiator in the current market. At Making Science, the integration of adtech with advertising expertise allows for the full utilisation of technology, identifying limitations, and developing solutions to overcome them. This enables brands to analyse large volumes of data, generate insights, and create customised solutions that adapt to the changing needs of customers and partners, providing a comprehensive view of the digital ecosystem.

Digital campaign success relies on a smart 1PD strategy, which in turn relies on the collaboration between marketing expertise and advanced technology solutions, particularly AI and generative AI. Combining marketing and technology, Making Science aims to make investments more efficient, maximise the use of data, and gain a competitive advantage in the digital market.


In summary, the shift towards first-party data in 2024 presents both a challenge and an opportunity for marketers. Those who proactively implement automated, AI-driven solutions to optimise their 1PD will be better positioned to deliver personalised experiences, drive ROI, and secure a competitive edge. Embracing this change early is key to future-proofing digital marketing strategies and achieving long-term success.

Download our expert report together with Performance Marketing World to learn more about first-party data and how automated solutions can transform your performance marketing.

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