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Email Marketing: Why does your business need it?

2 October 2018
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Email Marketing: Why does your business need it?
If you wonder why email marketing is so important and why everyone talks about it, think about what you do first when you sit down at your workplace in the morning. Probably the first thing you do is to check your inbox and select from among all your mails those that interest you. All those emails that you consider important happen to have the privilege of being read and concentrate your attention for a few seconds, and hence the importance of a good email marketing strategy. That said, the strategy is the same regardless of whether your a small neighborhood business or a large multinational business, all you need is to earn the trust and credibility of your readers to move from subscribers to customers. 5 reasons to implement an email marketing campaign:

  1. Email on any other channel: according to a MarketingSherpa study, 72% of customers prefer to receive promotional information by email rather than by any other channel.
  2. Greater conversion capacity: a good email marketing strategy means an ROI (Return on Investment) of 3,800%, probably the marketing strategy with the highest return, Fuente.
  3. Cost: although the vast majority of services are paid, depending on the volume of customers may be worth even one of their free versions. In addition, taking into account that a direct and personalized contact is established with the client, it can be considered that the price to pay is low compared to other channels.
  4. Smartphones readers: according to some studies, the most common activity with a smartphone is the revision of our email, which is why we take into account not only the desktop version but also the tablet and mobile version. Fuente
  5. Maintain your presence: without falling into the sin of SPAM, a proper email marketing campaign will make a client not forget your brand and what it offers, this will increase the chances that if your reader searches for a similar product or service, they will remember of your business.

Sending an email is something so simple and within reach of everyone, that taking care of its implementation will be crucial, the competition in this field is very high and once a reader discards an email, it will never recover it again. That’s why it’s important to know what you want to communicate and how you’re going to do it.