Making Science increases it’s workforce in 2017

12 March 2018
Making Science increases it’s workforce in 2017
Making Science grew it’s workforce by 50% during 2017, investing in it’s principal asset, it’s team of digital marketing experts. Making Science is investing at a rate even superior to that of the sector worldwide which is growing at a rate of 21.47% or 1.56 billion euros. as published by IAB(Interactive Advertising Bureau). IAB is headquartered in New York. At Making Science we have grown from 80 employees to 120 employees.  The Company envisions growing at a similar rate during 2018 searching and hiring only the best talent in the space to join the team.  Making Science will strive to contract 50 new employees during 2018. Alvaro Verdeja, Chief Operating Officer of Making Science, stated, “we are very satisfied with the growth being experienced by the Company and the benefits we are observing with the addition of subject matter experts into the team, looking towards the future the Company will keep as a priority the needs of our customers, the needs of our employees, the demands of the sector all with the goal of offering a comprehensive digital marketing Company with innovative solutions”. José Antonio Martínez Aguilar, CEO of Making Science added, “Our solid advancements in the sector are due to the contributions of the people at Making Science.  They are the visible faces of Making Science,  our future as a Company’s depends on the experts in the team, the people in Making Science.”

New Team Structure based on Sector Disciplines

The new size of the organization has made it necessary to resize the work structures. For this reason, an organizational chart based on the figure of the “Team Leader” has been designed, a profile that performs a role of director of a small team of an area with decision-making capacity and sufficient strategic vision to convey and drive  the direction of the department. A principal goal of this organizational structure is to maintain the innovation capacity of smaller teams which is an indispensable cultural value the company that we did not want to lose. In terms of the composition of these areas, the human capital of Making Science is composed of professionals with an average age of 30 years, a profile of a specialist,  with a high level of education, extensive experience in their area of ​​subject matter expertise and a certain amount of seniority in the company.  The Company is particularly keen on retaining and promoting young talent. Each area has a training persons, in charge of carrying out ‘workshops’ on specific topics of its scope and imparting their know-how to other teams . Thus, we achieve an ecosystem of constant flow of new knowledge, and promote an environment of transversal communication and understanding between the different areas of the company, avoiding isolation and compartmentalization between departments.

Join forces to offer Comprehensive Solutions in Digital Marketing

Making Science is the result of  the merger MAKE, a Digital Marketing agency and the  The Science of Digital, a Digital Marketing consultancy. The union was born with the intention of uniting the broad expertise of both companies and expanding its portfolio of services, offering a comprehensive offer with more attractive solutions for current and potential clients. The sum of capabilities also contributes to greater competitiveness in an increasingly complex digital marketing ecosystem. MAKE  brings a wide trajectory, of more than 15 years, in performance marketing. While, The Science of Digital completes the comprehensive service offer with its expert advice on the digital marketing environment giving companies challenges and opportunities. The result, the current portfolio of services of Making Science includes; Programmatic Advertising, SEM, SEO, Social advertising, Analytics/Metrics, Big Data and Machine Learning, Web Development, Creative Services and Digital Projects Consulting.