Unleash the power of the cloud

Accelerate your business in a digital environment, scalable and adapted to your needs.

Scalability, flexibility, and innovation in the palm of your hand!

At Making Science we analyze, deploy, evolve, and maintain high-quality digital infrastructures in the cloud, focusing on high availability and security, following the principles of DevOps and SRE.

Cultura DevOps | SRE

  • IC & CD2
  • Time and risk reduction
  • Automation of repetitive processes
  • Developer productivity metrics (DPMs).
  • Version control

Monitoring and supervision

  • Reactive notification with alerts.
  • File system modification detection service.
  • Malicious or malicious file detection system.


  • Infrastructures with Terraform | GCDM | CloudFormation
  • Configuration control and maintenance with SaltStack | ansible
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Scalable
  • Replicable / Clonable

Cloud Migration

Migrate your digital operations to a cloud that applies your business needs to your digital operations.


Strengthen the security of your digital assets, whether data or infrastructure, adding layers of security and reducing the vulnerability of any system.

Custom Software Development

We create software that brings our clients’ business ideas rapidly and efficiently into the digital world. We are constantly integrating new technologies into our processes. Currently, we are developing micro-services using Docker containers, orchestrated with Docker-compose and Kubernetes.

We develop and integrate:

  • Complex enterprise-level solution architecture
  • Client-centric mobile & web applications




Infrastructure &


Is your company capable of extracting the maximum potential from your data?

We find customers that we can assist typically fall into these three categories: 

  • The time & investment are too great to build a real-time/continuous analytics system…
  • Our IT/BI team is saturated with other day-to-day priorities…
  • We have so much data already, maybe even too much data, and too high a cost to maintain the data, “show me the value…”

Making Science serverless cloud implementations can flip the scale.

Web Data Engineering

Define the right signals in your online systems to effectively measure the important steps in the sales funnel.

Data Engineering / DataOps

We help you design and implement data pipelines using the latest technology available in the cloud.

Data Lake & Data Warehouse

We pay attention to high-level cloud-based technical design and architecture for data lake and data-warehouse on AWS, Azure and GCP.


At Making Science we have a team of data engineers who have been implementing contextual marketing systems for more than 15 years, long before the industry called this solution domain CDP (Customer Data Platform).

Data Science

Ad-hoc analysis projects in the areas of customer segmentation, predictive models, scoring models, among others.

Data Activation

At Making Science we have the ability to activate rich and offline data in your main online digital marketing channels, considerably improving the results of your marketing campaigns.

Our clients