Imanol González

Imanol González

Data & CRO Consultant

What is Ads Data Hub?

9 February 2021
2 minutos
What is Ads Data Hub?
Ads Data Hub is the new Google tool that allows to bring together advertisers’ data with Google’s own data, which allows personalized analyzes adjusted to specific business objectives while respecting the privacy of users (GDPR).  

How does Ads Data Hub works?

Ads Data Hub sits between media attribution, BigQuery, and GMP. ADH allows you to bring in your media data from Display & Video 360, Campaign Manager, Google Ads, and YouTube, as well as other data sources. This data is contained in ADH within BigQuery, where all the data is available in one place and accessible to query. By doing this, we can answer questions about the purchase or consumer journey, and tie customer behavior from ad impressions to web behavior, conversion and retention. Google even provides template queries for common reports and metrics like Active View impressions, clicks, conversions, and statistics. This leads to ADH’s primary benefit, which is user privacy. With ADH we cannot look at user data individually, protecting user privacy (GDPR). The tables consulted by ADH will have the user ID assigned by Google, on the other hand, the results will show aggregated data, eliminating the possibility of identifying users in a unique way but being able to carry out specific analysis in the queries.  

Practical Cases

Before using ADH, you should have a good use case, as there is a lot of analysis you can already do within GMP with the help of BigQuery. Here are some use cases where ADH could come into play:

  • End-to-end customer journey: What are the steps our customers take from ad impression to conversion? How do our ads affect user navigation? ADH can be used to link campaigns with web or CRM data to understand and analyze routes.
  • Impression performance: What is the optimal ad frequency to drive conversions? ADH can help us determine the frequency and effectiveness of ads for online and offline conversions. Also, we can consider how the ads contribute to brand awareness or building a custom attribution model.
  • Audiences: For each of my target audiences, how often do I need to work on the ads to get them to come back to my website and convert? Use ADH to identify potential customer audiences or brand loyal customers.

There are other considerations as well. As mentioned, we cannot work with individual users in ADH, at least for now, so you need to have enough data (50+ users) to generate audiences. ADH can also be useful for those who invest in GMP. The GMP tools already work well together, but ADH can help structure a more complete picture between data from DV360, Search Ads 360, and Google Analytics 360. In short, Ads Data Hub is a very valuable tool that helps us understand our digital ecosystem while respecting current legislation. If you need more information or advice about how to exploit the tool in Making Science we have a team specialized in this tool that will be happy to help you. We wait for you!