Maria Villanueva

Maria Villanueva

Creative Art Director

Few things are more reflective of the society we live in than advertising, and this has taught us the lesson to either adapt or die. For our advertising not to go unnoticed, we have to take a good look around us and not leave aside the most powerful tool; creativity. That is why today, advertising agencies, both large and small, are focused on the world of gaming. Some have even created an area or department specialised and dedicated solely to the video game business within their structure.


How could they overlook a sector with a market volume of more than 300 billion dollars? According to the latest Accenture report: “Gaming is the next superplatform”, around 3.1 billion people worldwide play video games, roughly 40%. These statistics may be surprising, but video games have evolved in recent years. They have gone from being an individual activity to a virtual space where many people meet and socialise, and some brands have taken advantage of this very well.


Through video games, brands have found a connection point -of engagement- with a more difficult, diverse and transversal audience. This younger but more demanding audience historically ignored intrusive advertising but did mind receiving ads on topics of interest. That is why some brands have adapted to their language and communicate with them differently and non-intrusive. 


If there is any way to win over gamers and those who watch them on social platforms, it would be through entertainment and improving user experience. Hence the rise of platforms such as Youtube and Twitch, consumed by massive communities that are also very active on social networks. Creativity is an important component when carrying out any campaign, especially when visual elements and gameplay greatly impact the audience. The creative actions can range from specific ad placements in the virtual environment of a game, or advergaming -video games created by a brand, to sponsors e-sports teams, streaming events and, of course, Influential streamers and gamers.  


Video games such as FIFA, Fortnite, Minecraft and Animal Crossing have become a powerful showcase for many brands, an alternative venue for massive, far-reaching events. These platforms have seen everything from product launches to concerts to digital fashion shows. All this does not mean that companies want to move to a digital environment, it is simply a way for them to enter a new market that until that they have not been able to reach and. Essentially, marketers generate experiences that start in the virtual world but can then be transferred to reality.

Now let’s take a look at some examples of memorable video game actions, at least from a creative point of view.


“Stevenage Challenge” by DAVID The Agency for Burger King | The One Show 2020

Visit Xbox: The Birth of Gaming Tourism

The Uncensored Library – The Film

Super Wendy’s World

As we have seen in these cases, this new way of understanding advertising is here to stay. Virtual worlds such as the ‘Metaverse’ are a new concept that will eventually become a part of our reality and marketing teams must develop new creative strategies that entice their new audience.

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