Anne Gontier

Anne Gontier

Data Tracking & Analytics Consultant

Server Side and Facebook CAPI: Data Governance and Accuracy of Collected Data

2 August 2023
3 minutes

Accurate data is essential for precise marketing strategy decisions. Server Side tracking and the Facebook Conversion API (CAPI) offer many advantages that can significantly enhance your marketing performance. Yet, there are nuances between these two methods

What is Server Side Tracking?

Server Side is a data collection method that sends tracking information from your website’s server to advertising platforms, instead of directly from the user’s browser. This ensures more accurate data collection and sidesteps issues like ad-blockers and browser restrictions.

Benefits of Server Side Tracking

  • Data Accuracy: Up to 30% more accurate data as ad-blockers and ITP/ETP technologies can’t block server-side tracking. When combined with CAPI, you get more comprehensive and reliable data, guiding smarter marketing decisions.
  • Load Time: Improved website load times.
  • Security: Enhanced security via the GTM server within cloud projects.
  • Data Privacy: Strengthened user data protection. Direct data transfer from your server gives you more control over processing and storage.
  • Data Governance: Better data control and management. Data is collected on the Google Cloud platform and distributed from there.
  • Real-Time: Enhanced real-time data activation using the GTM cloud server.
  • Quick Implementation: Utilises the existing dataLayer, eliminating the need for new code.

What is the Facebook Conversion API (CAPI)?

Facebook’s CAPI is a powerful tool that sends conversion events directly from your server to Facebook. It complements the traditional Facebook pixel, capturing data when the pixel can’t, like mobile app purchases or conversions by users with cookies turned off. CAPI ensures more robust data collection, providing a clearer view of your Facebook ad performance.

When Facebook gets a server event, it checks for a corresponding browser event. If the browser event is blocked (e.g. by ad-blockers), the server event is used instead.

CAPI supports various event types and parameters, giving businesses flexibility in tracking many conversion actions and customising the data they send to Facebook.

Benefits of FB CAPI

  • Data Control & Measurement: Greater control over data sharing and enhanced performance measurement throughout the customer journey.
  • Full Path Visibility: CAPI sends more detailed information than the pixel, such as CRM data or lower funnel events, targeting ads to those more likely to take desired actions.
  • Stronger Data Flow: CAPI data is less affected by browser loading errors, connectivity issues, and ad-blockers.

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