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Screaming Frog Version 13.0 Basic Guide

22 September 2020
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Screaming Frog Version 13.0 Basic Guide
Screaming Frog presented us on July 1 its new release Spider version 13.0 or as they call it “Lockdown”. This new update of the famous SEO tool promised great surprises and it has been so, it has new features that will help SEO professionals who are dedicated to improving web pages a lot. Let’s find out what this new version offers us!  

Duplicate content detection

As you see it! Now with the version of Screaming Frog 13.0 it is possible to detect duplicate or very similar content in the domain that is analyzed in the tool. This will help to improve the content of our website avoiding cannibalizations and possible penalties from Google. In order to see this functionality, it is as simple as going to the right section of the tool, selecting “Overview” we will find a “Content” section at the end: Within “Content” the tool allows us to differentiate between “Exact duplicate content” that will show us which pages have exactly the same content and which can cause cannibalizations and errors in the positioning of the page. But the tool goes further, because it can also provide us with pages that have very similar content and that it would be positive to improve to attack keywords that are not being worked on. These two filters are very interesting, since they allow us to see at a glance an action that in other circumstances could take a long time to detect, depending on the volume of URLs on the web that we analyze. The tool also allows you to further refine your search with filters in which HTML elements are added: Finally, in order to easily view the “Almost similar content”, the tool has added a “Duplicate content” tab at the bottom where it will display the content fragment that has been detected as the same or as very similar: Within the content analysis we can also know which pages have little content in order to expand it.  

Spelling and grammar check

This is another of the new features of version 13.0, and as they already mentioned, this functionality escapes a little from its main SEO analysis functionalities, but they also understand that controlling and improving the quality of the site is vital for the user and we they want to help easily detect these errors that can sometimes be easily overlooked.  

Link position on the page

The Screaming Frog team tells us in the presentation of the new version 13.0, that they had many requests related to links from professionals and have decided to improve this section, so that all of us who are dedicated to SEO can make the best decisions. They have heard our prayers and created new link attributes!   Now you can see the position of the link within the page, such as if it is in the header, in the content or in the footer: The position in which the tool shows you where the link is located on the page is based on HTML5, but not all websites will respond to this language, so they also give us the option to configure the “Position of the links ”to make the tool as accurate as possible.  

Http and https detection

Screaming Frog could already identify between an HTTP URL, mixed content and dangerous elements, but now with the improved filter of “Unsafe Cross-Origin Links” or “Insecure Cross-Origin Links” you can quickly find problems with insecure forms, or links http and poorly executed security headers. In this sense, it seems that they want to continue expanding the information on the tool.  


Another interesting feature that we have seen is the integration of the Page Speed ​​Insights API with the new Core Web Vitals metrics, you can also see the JavaScript code that would be good to eliminate because it is not used and a summary of JavaScrip coverage in the Speed ​​Reports section of the page. This section will help you detect potential Java savings that are not used on the page. On the other hand, the obsolete API for Ahrefs integration has been removed in this version.  

New Versions of Screaming Frog

On July 15, they released version 13.1 and on August 4, version 13.2, these updates are intended to correct minor malfunctions and introduce improvements thanks to the feedback from the professionals who use the tool. Also, in version 13.2, custom search in code has been improved. We see that they are taking the improvement of the tool very seriously and all these new functionalities promise to be very interesting. We encourage you to try it and tell us about your experiences.   Enjoy one of the best SEO and web analysis tools!