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Jorge Zamora

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Salesforce & Google Analytics 360: business advantages of the integration

3 March 2021
2 minutos
Salesforce & Google Analytics 360: business advantages of the integration
The web channel has more relevance and weight in the generation of potential customers for companies in which the final sale/conversion occurs in the offline environment. This generates a significant increase in digital advertising investment in different channels and strategies that we have identified in Google Analytics. But not all leads are the same, some can be much more valuable than others. Do you know what they are? Have you identified the channels and strategies that generate the most qualified leads? The integration of Salesforce and GA360 can answer all these questions.  

Why integrate Salesforce and GA360?

Basically, without this integration you will not be able to have a 360 vision of the actual sales conversion of each channel, strategies, keywords, etc. This will allow you to optimize your campaigns by adjusting budgets and bids that will translate into an improvement in ROI. In addition, having this information will also allow you to optimize the time and efficiency of the sales push or call center.

How to do the integration?

Google Analytics 360 has a native connector with Salesforce that will allow you to connect both tools by importing the data of each lead and opportunity. To execute this connection, a web implementation and configuration work is required on both platforms to pass the clientId (GA cookie) to the CRM tool, which will be the reference field to execute the integration.  

Benefits of the integration

  • Audience generation: Thanks to the integration, you will be able to generate audiences based on the offline data of your potential customers. This will allow you to generate audience lists to carry out remarketing campaigns or lookalikes of the most qualified users, improving performance and optimizing the online investment cost.
  • Audience exclusion: With offline data you can generate audiences to exclude converted users from your online campaigns.
  • Defining audiences for A/B tests and customizations: Define audiences with Salesforce data to share them with Optimize 360 ​​allowing you to run different A/B tests of potential customers, as well as customizations that improve the experience of potential users on your website.
  • Generation of custom funnels: Thanks to the integration with Salesforce you will be able to build custom funnels in Google Analytics, which will allow you to visualize the performance of your digital strategy from start to finish. You will be able to identify deviations in the funnel and take actions that contribute to improving the efficiency and performance of your campaigns.
  • Unified reporting in Salesforce: The integration will also allow you to create a report in Salesforce that contains complete information on campaigns and products, monitoring the ones that are having the best results and providing very valuable information to the sales push, which without the integration would not you could have.
  • Campaign forecasting: Thanks to the end-to-end visualization we will be able to identify which products or services are completing the objectives set and which are not. This will allow you to adjust your digital investment by moving your budget to those products that are not meeting the objectives, which will improve the effectiveness of your digital investment by optimizing the performance of the online channel.

At Making Science we have teams specialized in Salesforce and Google Analytics with experience in the integration of these two platforms, which will help your marketing teams to be more competitive by facilitating this integration work in order to make decisions based on the end-to-end data. If you are interested in starting to exploit the possibilities of this integration, get in touch with us and we will accompany you in the development and process so that you can begin to understand the performance and weight of your investment in digital campaigns in the final conversion of clients.