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Manuel Somoza

Data Tech Consultant
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Real-time Anomaly Detection on Your Website’s Sales Funnel with Gauss Data Quality

31 August 2023
3 min

Today’s marketing and business intelligence teams demand tools that allow them to understand what’s happening in their business environments; insights into aspects like web traffic, the number of customers, and user behaviours, among others.

Thus, this no longer serves as a comparative advantage against your competitors since they, too, will possess systems capable of generating these business insights, thanks to analytics tools and the like. A potential distinguishing feature that emerges is the immediacy of data.

Immediate access to data is becoming a highly sought-after characteristic for companies. It allows them to preemptively address potential business issues, providing quick and accurate responses to challenges like webpage downtimes or significant drops in page visits.

The closer in time this information is received, the more valuable it becomes. That’s why there’s a growing need to use more proactive tools than traditional dashboards when dealing with critical business information.

To address these needs, Making Science has developed Gauss Data Quality and its alert functionality, a solution that sends real-time notifications if the predefined conditions are met.

Gauss Data Quality and its alert system offer a fully customisable solution. Clients decide which metrics they want to set alarms for, under which specific conditions, and at what intervals.

Used cases for this solution

  • Website Metric Anomalies: Set alerts to detect unusual trends in website visits, like decreased page views, changes in visitor browsers, or any other site navigation metrics.
  • Data Consistency or Quality: Establishing alerts to measure metric calculations’ consistency and reporting from various analysis tools (e.g., analytics systems, CRMs). This way, you can identify discrepancies in these platforms’ measurements.
  • Tracking Business Metrics: Setting alerts to actively and promptly detect any unusual trends in the sales funnel regarding visits, conversions, changes in ROPO patterns, etc.

Thanks to these alert configurations, you’ll better understand your business. The real-time data that powers these alerts can clarify if the measurements from various platforms are consistent and if the crucial business metrics follow the expected trend.

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, staying ahead requires not just data but real-time, actionable insights. Gauss Data Quality alerts empower businesses with timely notifications, ensuring no critical anomaly goes unnoticed.

Don’t let unexpected changes disrupt your business flow. To truly harness the power of real-time data and keep a vigilant eye on your web sales funnel, reach out to us. Discover how our advanced solutions can transform your decision-making processes.