Marina Perez Diez

Marina Perez Diez

PPC Specialist - GMP, GA4 and Microsoft Advertising Certified

Meet the Expert!🚀 Making the most of SA360 with Marina Perez Diez

28 March 2023

Making Science wants to show you the true potential behind the technology: our outstanding teams.

Welcome to our new interview series called called “Meet the Expert,” in which our team members that are certified in Google Marketing Platform, Google Cloud Platform, and many more will tell you the keys to operating the most advanced tools and technology and what’s the primary value they bring in every project.

Meet Marina Perex Diez, certified Google Marketing Platform (GMP),  Google Analytics 4 (GA4) and Microsoft Advertising at Making Science UK. In this interview, Marina shares the benefits of being certified in SA360 and how to extract the most value in our marketing strategy.

What are the advantages of being certified in SA360?

You need to study and understand the GMP ecosystem before getting SA360 certification, so this pushes a lot of your digital knowledge. The main advantage of being certified in SA360 is the credibility it gives to your work. 

Do you think being certified in SA360 is essential to operate and improve the activity on the platform?

Absolutely, SA360 is a pretty complex platform that requires a lot of knowledge, and, of course, works with it daily to see how everything is connected and performs. Floodlights, bidding strategies, auction time bidding, there are many concepts and functionalities you need to study. SA360 is a multi-engine platform as well. It saves you time while you have more time for strategy and making better decisions. 

Do you think the certification gives more value to our clients?

Yes, 100%. You need to be certified in SA360 to understand the platform. Once you get your certification, there is always a first time to work on it, but it is essential to be certified to know the GMP ecosystem and its functionalities. It gives more value to the client. 

Tell us about a professional experience in which you had to apply your knowledge and know-how regarding the tool you are certified.

Setting up the accounts from scratch to clients, following all the technical steps to have the accounts ready to launch. It is teamwork. That’s why it is important to be certified to use the platform and take advantage of its functionalities.


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