Maximising your content across channels with Google PMax campaigns? ad-machina makes it easier

Unlocking the Potential of Performance Max: ad-machina for PMax is here

In the current competitive and unpredictable landscape, there is the challenge of connecting with customers at the right time and place. To effectively address this challenge with the right message, it is imperative to automate campaigns and optimise performance cost-effectively. The new Google Ads campaign type, Performance Max, offers the opportunity to establish an omnichannel and automated presence. Are you prepared for the amount of content generation required for this type of campaign? Can you afford to manually update all the assets of your company constantly? ad-machina makes it easier.

But first, what is Google Performance Max? 

Google Performance Max represents a paradigm shift in digital advertising, offering businesses an unprecedented level of control and optimisation. Leveraging advanced machine learning algorithms, Performance Max enables advertisers to maximise their reach across all Google channels, including YouTube, Display, Search, Discover, Gmail, and Maps. But, it’s not as straightforward as it may seem. PMax campaigns demand a significant amount of content generation, which can prove to be overly demanding for the marketing department. For example, a key challenge in setting up a Performance Max campaign isn’t just about deciding on the bidding strategy or targeting the audience. It’s also about ensuring there’s a diverse range of assets available for each channel and an updated database. This is where ad-machina comes into play, enabling businesses to leverage PMax effectively while efficiently optimising the team’s time. 

What is ad-machina for PMax?

ad-machina arrives to help you optimise all your Performance Max campaigns. We provide substantial benefits such as streamlining the process of optimising PMax campaigns, enabling companies to customise their ads with text, image and video based on search terms, and automating the adaptation of ads to changes in the business landscape. As a result, it’s crucial to synchronise Performance Max campaigns with these daily tactical and strategic decisions.

It offers three key enhancements:

  • Enhanced assets
  • Adaptive listing groups
  • Fine-tuned search themes and audiences

Enhanced assets

ad-machina for PMax optimises asset creation through automated processes, minimising dependence on the creative team. By producing textual and audiovisual content for Performance Max campaigns, the platform incorporates essential details like offers, maximum discounts, minimum prices, and flagship products. Moreover, ad-machina strategically integrates the brand into visual assets, boosting brand visibility. This approach not only guarantees maximum impact but also facilitates precise measurement and optimisation of visual creative templates, representing a significant advancement in campaign effectiveness and efficiency.

Adaptive listing groups

ad-machina for PMax transforms listing group management by integrating various data sources. By seamlessly connecting with Google Merchant feed and first-party data such as offer calendars, category manager recommendations, and insights from competitiveness monitoring tools, ad-machina for PMax establishes a strong basis for dynamic product grouping. This fusion of information facilitates agile decision-making, enabling precise adjustment of listings based on factors like price competitiveness, product margins, offer schedules, and category manager priorities. The outcome is a flexible and strategically aligned product lineup, poised for optimal profitability. This pioneering approach offers a substantial competitive advantage in the online marketplace.

Fine-tuned search themes and audiences

ad-machina for PMax employs sophisticated analysis of account search term history to curate the most impactful search themes for each listing group. This process guarantees peak performance by eliminating redundancy among asset groups. Furthermore, ad-machina doesn’t stop at search themes; it also crafts custom audiences. This innovative feature is designed to equip the Google Ads algorithm with the most refined signals available. These signals are characterised by their specificity and coherence, ensuring a targeted approach that maximises campaign effectiveness. This strategic combination of search themes and custom audiences sets the stage for optimal results in online advertising efforts.


We know that having Google PMax is essential to maximise the performance of your campaigns, however having ad-machina for PMax is taking it a step further. You’ll still be able to communicate with your target audience through the appropriate channels, but with ad-machina, we make it easier for you to find the right message.