Gustavo Justiniano

Gustavo Justiniano

Marketing Cloud Consultant

Improving Customer Relationships through Salesforce’s Customer Data Platform

30 March 2022
3 mins

The era of the Customer Data Platform (CDP) is upon us. Marketers finally have a purpose-built database to centralize all of their marketing needs.

CDPs bring a wealth of opportunities to marketers. A CDP combines customer data from different sources in one place. You can get a much more comprehensive view of your customers’ wants and needs.

The relationships you form with your customers are built on a series of touchpoints. Specifically, the Salesforce CDP lets you collect and unify all your customer data so you can humanize every moment of the customer journey with the trust and consent of your customers. Start by connecting data from all your systems (marketing, sales, service, or e-commerce). You can also add external sources through MuleSoft, Google Cloud Platform, AWS, or AppExchange. Consider that each system might have a different way of identifying the same customer.

Implementing a CDP

First, you must map your data to the industry standard Cloud Information Model, so it can be harmonised no matter what format it comes in. Then Salesforce CDP matches and merges billions of identities to form unified profiles, creating a single source of truth for each customer. You can enrich your customer profiles with partner data or by adding metrics like lifetime value score so you can make the most of each segment. Then, you can build audiences, letting AI suggest the most powerful segments to target. You can also run segment analytics to understand your reach.

Now that you know your customers better, you can easily take action. You can reach them on any advertising, messaging, or engagement platform with the most relevant content at that moment, based on their engagement with your brand. You can even connect your audiences to thousands of apps in the Salesforce AppExchange to create meaningful moments across web, mobile, connected TV ads, and more.

Finally, get actionable insights from across your organization in any business intelligence tool like Datorama or Tableau. In this way, your marketing actions perform at their best: building trusted customer relationships and growing revenue.

Create a single source of truth to humanize every moment with Salesforce CDP.

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