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How Verti Germany increased its conversions by 20% using Google Marketing Platform and Gauss AI

How Verti Germany increased its conversions by 20% using Google Marketing Platform and Gauss AI
Verti Germany, the online insurance company, and part of the Mapfre group, had the business challenge of increasing sales and optimising investment. By developing an audience strategy and implementing a predictive model using the Gauss Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform, they increased sales by 20% whilst reducing investment in Display & Video 360 campaigns by 45%.

  The objectives

  • Increase conversions
  • Optimise investment


  • Creation of a predictive model
  • Data collection
  • Score probability calculation
  • Audience strategy
  • Campaign creation (Graphic and video)
  • Analysis of results


The results

  • 20% increase in conversions.
  • 45% saving in required investment by 45%.
  • 16%nIncrease in transaction volume
  • 55% reduction of CPA.


The objective

The insurance company wanted to increase sales and optimise investment by identifying those who had a low probability of buying by reducing the number of advertising impacts to these low probability users in the Search Ads 360 (RLSA) and Display / Video campaigns.


Verti, in collaboration with the Google team and the consulting firm Making Science, developed an audience strategy with the objective of optimising the budget dedicated to prospecting and remarketing. To optimise the audience, they used the Gauss AI tool, applying a predictive model based on machine learning and neural networks that, with the data extracted from Google Marketing Platform, could predict the probability of users buying. To achieve this prediction of behaviour, the Gauss AI platform uses data from the Analytics 360 dump in Big Query, a highly scalable Google enterprise data warehouse designed to improve the productivity of data analysts. The Gauss AI platform works on Compute Engine, and performs the calculations of purchase probabilities of each web visitor and automatically generates audiences and segments with these users. These audiences were used in remarketing campaigns, making users with a lower score negative, while in prospecting campaigns the same was done with “Look-a-Like” users. Subsequently, a campaign was created with graphic and video ads based on intelligent audiences with high purchase probabilities and the results were analysed to fit the model.  

The results

Two months from the start of the action, Verti had realised increased sales by 20% and had reduced investment in Display and Video 360 campaigns (prospecting and remarketing) by 45%. In addition, the volume of transactions of the insurance company had increased by 16% with a 55% reduction in CPA in remarketing campaigns.This development has become a highly scalable product, allowing advertisers to achieve results similar to those of Verti in a few weeks.