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How to boost your campaigns thanks to programmatic advertising this Black Friday

12 November 2020
2 minutos
How to boost your campaigns thanks to programmatic advertising this Black Friday
With the arrival of November, the final stretch begins for many companies. One of the most important dates for consumption is Christmas, and it is time to give that last push to close the year. The Christmas feeling floods us and we want to buy gifts for our loved ones and why not, also for ourselves. The Christmas shopping season begins long before the arrival of Santa Claus and a date has been imposed on our calendars for a few years now: Black Friday. But, what will Black Friday bring us this year? In principle, everything seems to indicate that purchases will be increasingly online to the detriment of the physical store. Throughout this year we have been able to see how online commerce increased, mainly motivated by restrictions on mobility and fear due to the pandemic. Everything seems to indicate that this trend will continue during the Christmas season. If we focus on the imminent Black Friday, Google has made an X-ray of the current consumer and defines it as a connected, far-sighted and prudent user. Not only are users going to prioritize digital channels when making their purchases this Black Friday, but the search for gifts will also do so in the digital medium. In addition, if we take into account that only 7% of consumers have already decided what they are going to spend their money on during Black Friday, we can conclude that brands must reinforce their digital media strategies, they still have time to convince that indecisive user and the competition this year will be more brutal than ever. Faced with this situation, programmatic advertising is presented as a perfect tool to reach the right audience and stand out from the competition during these dates. Thanks to automation and the purchase of spaces in real time, programmatic purchase allows you to define messages based on the user and the moment they are within the conversion funnel. In order to properly plan our programmatic campaigns in the weeks leading up to Black Friday, it is important to take into account certain aspects in order to successfully achieve our goals.

  • Accurate and relevant segmentations The audience must be the central point of all our strategy. Defining our audiences correctly will allow us to reach a user interested in our offer. Audiences should be large enough to have great impact and reach, but they should be relevant. Thanks to the study and analysis of our users, it will allow us to identify affinities that we can later activate. This will optimize the resources of the campaign and impact the user with content related to their interests, which will make our advertising campaigns more user-friendly and the user will feel more receptive to them.


  • Personalize the message by taking advantage of First Party Data Users will show a more favorable response to personalized messages than to more generic messages. We must take advantage of the potential of all 1st party data and launch specific campaigns for users based on their status and how close they are to converting. For this we can create differentiated messages depending on whether they have only visited the product page of our website, abandoned the shopping cart or stayed in the last step before confirming the sale. In addition, we can activate dynamic creatives that are built from the data collected by the variables of the Floodlights in order to impact the user with personalized creatives about the specific product or service in which they have been interested.


  • Optimize the purchase The Christmas shopping season is one of the times in which brands invest more budget and demand a greater volume of inventory from media, so CPMs tend to be higher than the rest of the year. Adjust your CPM enough to maintain a valuable inventory and a good user experience, but bid more aggressively on those strategies that give you the best results. In addition, it may be interesting to close some PMP with premium supports for those most important campaigns, you can ensure that you have sufficient inventory available to bid on.


  • Don’t forget about creativity Considering the high level of competition during these dates, creativity is more important than ever. The idea is to stand out and differentiate ourselves from the competition. It is essential to design creatives that are eye-catching, with a message focused on our audience and a clear and direct call to action (CTA). We must have different versions depending on where the user is in the conversion funnel. In addition, incorporating notorious formats such as video, audio or skins will allow us to generate storytelling and reinforce our branding campaigns, making a difference compared to the competition.


  • Plan your campaign in advance and anticipate yourself Users begin to investigate their purchases in the previous weeks and many of them already close their purchases a few days before, so it is essential to have our campaign planned well in advance to be able to activate a few weeks before Black Friday , the competition will not wait.

  The entire programmatic strategy during the Black Friday campaign, in addition to helping us increase and achieve our sales goals, will bring us other benefits such as the generation of new traffic to the web, which will allow the user to know our products and services and it will end up being translated into the generation of new leads, subscribers and potential new clients. Last but not least, all of our actions will allow us to feed our audiences with new users to increase and refresh their volume for our retargeting strategies and future campaigns. We cannot forget that after the Christmas campaign, the sales season begins and taking advantage of these audiences will be essential in order to achieve all our objectives.