Google says goodbye to the familiar SA360 interface! Everything you need to know about the migration and the new interface

10 October 2023
2 min

Google has announced that at the beginning of 2024, the Search Ads 360 interface that we all know (one of the most popular tools of the Google Marketing Platform (GMP) marketing suite) will cease to exist for good and be replaced by a new one. The new interface was created to improve the experience for advertisers and to help achieve better results with better management of search campaigns across multiple channels.

While it may seem straightforward, not migrating to the new interface can affect advertisers. Keep reading to find out how to avoid potential conflicts!

What conflicts can arise from not migrating to the new SA360 interface?

If advertisers do not migrate, these are the issues that will arise:

  • Disconnection of the SA360 API with reporting platforms.
  • The loss of custom columns
  • Misconfiguration of conversion goals and Smart Bidding
  • Forced synchronisation issues with search engines

What are the differences between the current and new Search Ads 360 interface?

With a modern infrastructure, the new Search Ads 360 can offer better support across multiple advertising channels and search engines, including third-party partners. This means advertisers can access more features from other search engines.

  • Current Search Ads 360 has limited search engine functionality, conversion goal setting at the bid strategy level and automatic daily search engine synchronisation with manual forcing for instant updating.
  • The new Search Ads 360 interface offers expanded coverage of other search engine features, campaign/account level conversion targeting and actions, and the ability to create rules to adjust the value of conversions. In addition, it will allow us to differentiate between campaign conversion targeting, bidding strategies and budgeting strategies and automatically synchronise real-time changes to search engines.

When should you migrate to the new Search Ads 360 interface?

Before you consider this migration, we recommend that you take a look at Google’s timeline:

  • Up until January 2024, we recommend scheduling the migration of your bidding and budget management strategies to the new Search Ads 360 experience.
  • During February 2024, we recommend to proceed with the migration to ensure continuity of service.
  • Between February and April 2024, the old Search Ads 360 interface will no longer be available to all users. Google will notify all advertisers at least 60 days in advance.

Need support migrating? Our Google Marketing Platform team can help you with this migration and advise you on how to approach the new interface. 🚀

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