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Facebook Brand Lift Study: What is the real value that Facebook advertising generates for your brand?

2 December 2020
2 minutos
Facebook Brand Lift Study: What is the real value that Facebook advertising generates for your brand?
Do you want to know what real value advertising on Facebook generates for your brand? Through the study of improvement of the brand or Facebook’s Brand Lift we will be able to solve this question. But, what exactly is Facebook’s Brand Lift? The study of improvement of the brand or Facebook’s Brand Lift is a study through which we will know the real value that our advertising generates on Facebook in terms of notoriety and recognition of the brand in the market. It is very important that you work this hand in hand with your Facebook partner manager in order to configure it correctly, since the configuration of the study is carried out by the Facebook marketing team. The study can be done through a single advertising campaign or all the active campaigns of the account. They all have to have a common message and graphic so as not to confuse the user and thus contaminate the study. Facebook will launch our advertising dividing the audience into two parts: test group (who will show the ads) and control group (who will not see our ads). Once our audience is divided and the campaign starts serving impressions, Facebook will show both groups survey questions that we will have predefined based on ad recall, brand recognition, and our campaign/brand message association.

Type of questions to choose for the Brand Lift

Brand lift brand studies are prepared with 3 questions that you will have to select and adapt depending on your objective based on a template with different options and topics discussed above: ad memory, brand recognition and association of the message of our campaign/brand. Below we see an example of 3 questions that we could configure in a Brand Lift:

  1. Ad reminder: “Do you remember seeing an ad for [brand / product] online or on a mobile device in the last 2 days?” (This question is required)
  2. Brand awareness: “Have you heard of [brand / product]?”
  3. Reminder message: “What [brand / product] do you associate message X with?”


What are the minimum requirements?

The minimum necessary to carry out the study with the public in Spain (if it is carried out for other markets you will have to fulfill other minimum requirements) are the following:

  • Minimum reach of 2 million people
  • 7 million impressions.
  • 3 weeks duration (4 recommended)

The study itself is free, but to be statistically relevant it needs a minimal budget. The best way to calculate this minimum budget is to use the Campaign Planner.  

What results will I receive with Brand Lift?

Initial results will become available once the surveys have received 250 responses. Once the study is finished, and after ten business days, we will receive a presentation with the complete results. This report will include:

  • The general results, study and details of the campaign
  • A demographic breakdown of the results
  • Benchmarks for campaigns in the client’s industry and region where the study was conducted
  • Tips to optimize it
  • Breakdown of winning responses

In summary, results compared by audiences and knowing if there is an increase with the test group or not. In many cases, the budget that you are already dedicating to your campaigns is enough to carry out the study, so do not stop proposing it due to the investment, since it is very valuable when it comes to knowing the status of the brand in the market and identify new business strategies for the future.