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Marina Gallego

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How to create a creative and optimized company blog for SEO

12 September 2018
How to create a creative and optimized company blog for SEO
For Google, content is king, and have an area dedicated to content within your website, be it a Blog or a news section, events, etc. It’s basic for a business. Creating a Blog on your website is useful tool that helps give significant perceived value to our website and drives  more visibility, because with this we get:

  • Reach those informational searches that the user does, which are called terms How to: ‘How to do …?’, ‘Where is …?’, ‘What is …?’
  • Get our user to come to us to find information and earn loyalty through this channel.
  • Make the brand an online reference in the sector.
  • Be updated on the latest trends and keep the user active with fresh and cutting-edge themes.

In many occasions, it is also a good tool for online marketing and engagement, since it is a channel through which the user enters, which helps us to become acquainted and able to become a future customer. That is why many companies use a BLOG as an important leg within their website as one more step within the sales conversion funnel. Tips to have a structured and optimized Blog Of course, you must take into account that to create a blog you have to have some business commitment, since it must be published on a regular basis, being aware of the number of articles that can be assumed monthly, to constantly offer new content to users, and also make Google enter our website more and more frequently, since we are creating new URLs and offering fresh, unique and original content. For this, we must take into account the following to build it from scratch with a good base:

  1. Take into account which territories you want to cover. Offer themes that correspond to our business, and above all with the products / services that we have on our website. Once we have this clear, create a menu within the Blog adapted to the needs of users and the guidelines of how to create a perfect SEO web architecture.
  2. Create unique and original content. Not many articles that are written on the same subject will be better positioned, but it is more advisable to create an optimized, original and complete information.
  3. Adapt to new information needs. The world is spinning faster and faster, and you have to keep pace. That is why, when we search for something in Google, we want the information more and more concrete and specific, be direct.
  4. Offer quick information. Your website must comply with Google’s best practices, and get it to load in less than 3 seconds, since the longer it takes to load, the more users will leave, the world is for smartphones! This is what the new Mobile First Index update says.
  5. That content is optimized for SEO. It is necessary to make a study of key words that the user searches around the chosen topic, in order to include those terms in our article following the appropriate OnPage optimizations.
  6. Be up to date Not only the content rewards, but also the format: videos, images, infographics … All these elements help the user to better read, since there are searches that the user, depending on how he does them, are to find the information in form of video, image or infographic.
  7. Be constant. The Blog is a tool that helps us to better position the website, if this condition is met. It is not necessary to create an article a day, but be aware that it must be regular,  to stop publishing suddenly can have an adverse affect the website visits.

With all this and a little love, we will have a great and very cool blog that will help the website grow!