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Benefits of & how it can help your brand combat Ad fatigue

21 July 2021
2 mins

Creative Automation has changed the advertising landscape and has provided marketers with the ability to have their ads designed and automatically optimised to drive results at scale. Unifying creativity, media, and data, empowers brands to drive better performance across paid social advertising and help tackle ad fatigue. The platform helps marketers drive performance by creating automated adverts across different social media platforms. Requiring minimal human input, automatically creates a relevant ad depending on your target audience.


The silent performance killer – Ad fatigue

Many brands struggle because they have over-saturated their audience with their ads. Ad fatigue is when an audience has seen a brand’s ad so often that they stop reacting and completing the desired CTA. Brands must continuously optimize their ads to ensure they show the best ad to the right audience at the right time. Low click-through rates, less engagement, and fewer impressions are all telltale signs that you are dealing with ad fatigue. Manually designing and testing multiple creative ads can be time-consuming and a financial burden for marketers, even more so if their audience becomes uninterested. removes the burden of designing and optimising your ads manually to maximise results by providing the tools, dynamic templates, and results that contribute to a better-performing ad. One of the best tools offered by to help fight ad fatigue is Ad Rotation. Marketers can define a rotation rule based on frequency or a performance metric such as CPA to ensure audiences see only the best, freshest ads. Another feature that helps prevent ad fatigue is’s dynamic templates, which offer the creative freedom to advertisers to include brand fonts, colours, logos, and more to ensure their ads stand out from competitors. Both solutions empower advertisers to serve their audience fresher ads. + Creative Automation 

Creating, publishing, and optimising an advert adds speed and scale and can improve ad performance.’s Creative Automation allows advertisers to scale and test creative variations by connecting any product catalogue, data source, or API to create hundreds of adverts at once to a video or image template. Marketers can then customise adverts across different languages, customer segments, locations, weather changes, and more to ensure advertisers deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time. Another significant benefit of Creative Automation is the amount of time savings. eliminates the tedious, manual work so advertisers can focus on more value-adding work.


They offer brands:

  • Dynamic Image & Video Templates
  • Feed or Catalog-Based Creative Automation
  • Modular Creative Testing adjusts and optimises ads to test, improve results, and showcase clear oversight on ad spend. By making decisions backed by data, the platform provides:

  • Creative direction.
  • A clear campaign strategy to brands.
  • Customisations that fit the brand’s goals and resonate with audiences.


Benefits leverages data to produce the most relevant ads, leading to better performance, improved rates, and increased sales. Creative Automation is based on data, but many marketers fail to associate data & creativity.



With, marketers can reach unprecedented levels of personalisation. The platform permits brands to upload their data and adapt the ads to be compatible with the desired user’s taste. Personalisation is all about making ads more relevant to your target audience. It is vital to maximising performance, but it’s difficult to do at scale as personalising promotions often requires tedious manual work. Marketers can use data sourced from simple spreadsheets to internal business information to personalise adverts using Advanced features allow marketers to use location-specific information and audience data to trigger, enrich, and target ads.



Creative Automation enables marketers to create relevant ads with images and videos that use real-time data such as the weather, betting odds, and even language translations to facilitate the creation of seasonal or temporary ads. These ads also display offers or sales that also enforce a sense of urgency to the user to follow up on the ad or complete the desired CTA. Creating customised ads will save marketers hours by dynamically pulling real-time data such as price, discount, availability, and location. Creative Automation can lead brands to achieve optimal results in their social channels. also offers AI-based optimisation across budgets and bidding to ensure marketers reach the highest conversion rates. Automation is the key to aid marketers in focusing on other vital processes and invest more time in their marketing strategy.


Multi-platform performance

Multi-platform marketing is better than one, and uses the same marketing assets and strategies across multiple social platforms to ensure that all the social channels used by the brand consistently show engaging adverts. Advertisers easily distribute these ads from one platform, where the results are also displayed to ensure marketers can make actionable insights backed by data.


Conclusion is an industry-leading automation engine for ad personalisation designed to deliver a compelling brand experience across social platforms using automated paid adverts. Unifying creative, media, and data empowers advertisers to unlock growth and drive performance across your social platforms.


What about you? Are you ready to give it a try? At Making Science, together with our partner, we have the experience and the team that can help you develop the full potential of your creative ads on social channels through Automation. So we are waiting for you!