Blade Rumfitt

Blade Rumfitt

Performance Marketing Specialist
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14 June 2023
1 min

What are the advantages of being certified in Display Google Ads?

Being certified showcases your knowledge to clients; the certification process allows you to gain valuable understanding and insight into how to manage the platform and achieve optimal results.

Do you think being certified in Display Google Ads is essential to operate and improve the activity on the platform?

Yes, whilst practical experience is an essential aspect of developing expertise it is also important to understand the workings of the platform to allow for a deeper level of understanding both for Display and for how it works within the wider Google Ecosystem.

What advantages of being certified do you think give more value to the client?

Being certified is certainly an advantage when it comes to our clients, it shows them we are a serious partner who will ensure our work is not only qualified but to the highest standard. It allows for our clients to trust us allowing us to grow together.

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