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Alex Aird

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Meet the Expert!🚀 Unleashing the Advantages of Google App Ads

16 May 2023
1 min

What are the advantages of being certified in Google App Ads?

When you start running your first Google App campaigns, it can seem deceptively simple, especially if you’ve had previous experience with another less-automated platform such as Facebook Ads Manager. On the surface, Google App Ads appears to be this magical platform where you can set up your campaigns and then sit back and relax. However, completing the Google App Ads certification will help you understand how important it is to gain a deeper understanding of best practices, advanced optimisation techniques and how the Google algorithm works. This knowledge has greatly improved my efficiency in producing good campaign results.

Do you think being certified in Google App Ads is essential to operate and improve the activity on the platform?

Absolutely. To get the most out of your campaigns, you will need to understand how to manage them effectively and how to interpret their results in a helpful way. The Google App Ads certification is the place you should start. With this under your belt, you set yourself up for success on the platform.

What advantages of being certified do you think give more value to the client?

As a certified individual, your understanding of key concepts such as bidding and campaign goals will be elevated. As a result, the performance of the campaigns you manage will almost certainly be elevated as you notice and imagine new ways to optimise. This will lead to greater trust and confidence with the client, which every client will value.

Tell about a professional experience in which you had to apply your knowledge and know-how regarding the tool you are certified for.

One of our clients recently ran a promotion, and half of the budget for each of our active geos was reallocated into new campaigns to focus on this promotion. This presented problems as our BAU campaigns no longer had enough budget to optimise as far down the funnel as they had previously. We were forced to restart these campaigns with a higher-funnel focus, and the knowledge that I gained from the Google App Ads certification regarding optimisation and campaign setup was critical for ensuring that performance remained at an acceptable level.


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