Alan Cohn

Alan Cohn

Adtech Consultant - GMP Expert and GA4 Certified

Meet the Expert🚀 The Value of GMP with Alan Cohn

4 April 2023

What are the advantages of being certified in GMP?

Being Certified Across GMP is something that can help both with the knowledge base, as well as the tangible results you obtain from each platform. Knowing your stuff is something that will be beneficial across the board with individual platform knowledge and how they interact with each other, leading to better results and an easier route to reach them.

Do you think being certified in GMP is essential to operate and improving the activity on the platform?

I think, as an industry, we are moving away from our “traditional” ideals of showing ads on specific websites or places because of the caliber they historically have. (e.g. Showing an ad in a famous newspaper because it’s a world-renowned newspaper). We are now in the “Era of audiences”, which means that we need to know how to target our audience of choice, wherever they may be.

We should therefore strive to have an understanding of the whole Digital Marketing Ecosystem. Being Certified in all of Google’s Marketing platforms is a step in that direction.

What are the advantages of being certified do you think gives more value to the client?

Again, Being able to understand how to reach an audience wherever they may be. We need to be able to sync all channels with unified approaches so as to create that communication with our client’s customer base, while also ensuring we are not bombarding them. Elements within GMP can help with this.


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