Alice Hagyard

Alice Hagyard

Account Director

Meet the Expert!🚀 Getting the most out of Meta Certified Buying Professional with Alice Hagyard

25 July 2023
1 minute

What are the advantages of being certified in Meta Buying Professional?

The main advantage in being certified in media buying for Meta is to have your knowledge and campaign data verified from the source. To know that you are making the right decisions, have the optimal setup, and are giving your campaigns and clients the best chance to perform.

You might think you know your stuff, but to be certified means you have the confidence to believe it.

Do you think being certified in Meta Buying Professional is essential to operate and improve the activity on the platform?

Yes, it’s essential to stay on top of platform best practice. The digital landscape changes quickly, the buying certification allows media buyers to ensure they are getting the most out of their clients advertising dollars.

What advantages of being certified do you think give more value to the client?

The client benefits by having a certified professional running campaigns, as it gives an insight into how the best advertisers are achieving success. Again, the certification is assurance for the client that the team running their ads are doing so with the best setup in mind.


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